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Expansion Chucks

  • Expansion Chucks
  • Expansion Chucks

Chucks are used to load rolls of paper, foil or other materials for upwinding or unwinding. It is necessary to carry the load centrically to the core and to perfectly hold the load while up or unwinding to yield optimum production results.

Our core chucks use the same simple but effective principle:

After the introduction of a chuck into the core (for example a paper core), expansion elements are driven outwards by a turn of the chuck housing (by slipping over a rounded hub with 3 surfaces). This way the roll will be safely gripped and by an uneven number of expansion elements always centrically loaded.

The advantages:

  • The support flange with load-carrying shaft is made in one piece, ensuring it is most robust and resilient.
  • The huge contact surface of the expansion elements avoid deforming of the cure even with heavy loads and thus protect from damages.
  • The automatic blocking in both directions happens without need of intervention by the machine operator even with low torques.
  • Extremely low loss of friction thanks to high-value and maintenance-free bearings.
  • A special protection treatment ensures optimal prevention of corrosion and wear.
  • The mounting flange can be individually made according to customer's drawing.

Expansion chucks are mostly used in the paper industry (production and transformation) on pressure, milling, cutting, winding or unwinding or upwinding machines.

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