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Shok Blok®

  • Shok Blok®
  • Shok Blok®

A perfect stitch lap cut can be guaranteed with the SHOK BLOK® by MBM. This system is a unique and patented spring-activated system which does not necessitate constant readjusting and thereby avoids consequential damage like wrongly set blades. Noise emission is reduced because this system works at a much smoother pace than traditional systems.

The modification and the start-up of the SHOK BLOK® system is thankfully very easy. Moreover you have minimum maintenance expenses which guarantee a maximum productivity. The change of spare parts on the SHOK BLOK® system is done within minutes.

SHOK BLOK® systems are available for nearly all current machine types. This means that you will be sure to profit from a higher productivity on your machine. The precision parts undergo a severe quality check which ensures a smooth run with longevity and high quality.

Tested worldwide and considered best because:

  • Save stitch lap cut by a guided and spring-absorbed stitch lap blade
  • Low cost of acquisition and fast pay-off
  • No consequential damages due to wrongly set blades
  • Easy and fast change of spares
  • Longevity with high quality

Series 2 - the next generation in a new design

  •  Series 2 - the next generation in a new design

Even easier to change – only the cassette must be lifted off to change the spring while the block remains mounted on the stitch lap head.

Cost efficiency – you do not need to stockpile a complete block – you only change the cassettes. This minimizes downtimes and results in favourable cost efficiency.

Compatibility of parts – The S2 design is available for all current machines because the same type of cassettes and spares (blades, blade support and springs) are used. Stockpiling of diverse spares for different machine types is not necessary.

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