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Roll Transport

The MOVIROLL transport device from Renova allows the operator to move cylindrical loads (such as a paper roll) on a flat surface without any effort. There are two drive options.


  • The new E-MOVIROLL

The battery-powered roll transport device offers the advantages of independence - the loads can be moved without the hassle of connecting cables and hoses. The E-MOVIROLL is powered by a 24VDC electric motor. An electronic control system monitors both the motor and the battery and automatically switches off when the load exceeds the maximum capacity of the engine.

Both the handle of the control rod and the direction switch was newly constructed according to ergonomic principles. Extra large rear wheels make sure the machine can run over holes, chains and carriage carts.

Plug and Play: The E-MOVIROLL can also be supplied with a second battery - Plug & Play batteries allow quick change without long interruptions in operation.

The Classic: The MOVIROLL with powerful pneumatic motor

  • The Classic: The MOVIROLL with powerful pneumatic motor

This machine is driven by a heavy-duty pneumatic motor that is driven by pressurized air up to 6 bars. The gyration of the motor shaft drives three rubber-coated rollers in the form of a pyramid. The drive chain gives off to the drive rollers. As soon as the load (such as a paper roll) gets into contact with the drive roller this one gets pushed against the output roller. Applying this method means heavy loads can be moved easily.


The advantages of MOVIROLL roll transport devices from Renova are:

  •     Easy to operate
  •     Fast & Robust
  •     Low Maintenance Costs
  •     Interesting Price
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