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  • Infrared-Dryers

With the Infrared-Dryers by LEG we can guarantee an excellent printing quality on all paper types with a relevant increase of speed on your machines. Shadowing or blurring becomes seldom or is eliminated completely.

With the special ECO-SEC System (Economy Sectors) you can command the heating intensity and, consequently, also the energy consumption. The software allows the machine operator to regulate each cassette separately from 0% up to 100%, depending on the need of heat to dry the product. The separation of the elements into cassettes (usually with a width of 150 mm each) you can operate from minimum to maximum sheet size. This option is easily accessible on the Touch panel and allows a reduction of energy costs.

Even when the infrared lamps are not activated, the fans can be used for drying and the fans can optionally operate with an external source of energy, like steam, warm water or even with a separate electrical furnace for the smallest amount of heating – another gain for a better production result. By this option the LEG system becomes even more individually adoptable for your needs.

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